1. Whereas: The history of the land called "Tennessee" began with the indigenous people of this continent; and
  2. Whereas: Many places in Tennessee are still called by the names originally given to them by the First Peoples, including Chattanooga and Ooltewah from the Muscogee (Creek) people, and Soddy (Tsati) and Tellico from the Cherokee people, and Sewanee from the Shawnee people, and Red Bank and Running Water from the intertribal-US period; and
  3. Whereas: The indigenous people of Tennessee were, in large part, removed from Tennessee by foreign diseases, indigenous forces allied with the new United States of America, and ultimately by US government "Removal" policy and military in the 1830s, while some stayed; and
  4. Whereas: Indigenous people of Tennessee still remain in the land, and the children of the indigenous people removed from this land still maintain a connection to their interred ancestors and to the land that created them; and
  5. Whereas: Many monuments and burials of the indigenous people of Tennessee still remain on and in the land, monuments and burials which need continuous vigilance in order to safeguard them, including Chucalissa Village, Pinson Mounds, Mounds Bottom, Old Stone Fort, Moccasin Bend, Red Clay, and the original Tanasi village site; and
  6. Whereas: It is fitting and just to recognize the indigenous people of Tennessee as the First People of Tennessee and to extend to them as Nations the recognition of the State as interested and involved parties in the future of their ancestors and the land; and
  7. Whereas: Federal mandates including the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA Section 106) mandate interaction with appropriate representatives in order to satisfy federal consultation requirements; and
  8. Whereas: The State of Tennessee acknowledges its own interaction with representatives of these tribes in order to preserve the history of the First People of Tennessee;
THEREFORE Be It Resolved
  1. That the State of Tennessee recognize the historical Nations of Indigenous People that first inhabited and named this land and their descendants, including but not necessarily limited to:
    1. the Cherokee
    2. the Chickasaw
    3. the Choctaw
    4. the Dakotan (Ofo, Quapaw)
    5. the Muscogee (Creek)
    6. the Shawnee
    7. the Yuchi (Euchee)
    8. the Chickamauga

  2. That the state Commission of Indian Affairs and the state Division of Archaeology and the Governor's Archaeological Advisory Council are directed to interact with the Historic Preservation Officers of these tribes and nations to better protect, preserve and interpret these sites for our future children.