Proposed Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs

JUNE 01, 2002

The Proposed Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs met for its third quarterly meeting at the Wesley Center next to UT campus, Chattanooga TN, at 1:00 P.M. on Saturday, June 01,2002. Six of the seven commissioner-nominees were present: Teri Ellenwood, David Teat, Van Lynch, John Anderson, Mike Mangrum and Trudy Austin.

Others present were four members of the Advisory Council: tom kunesh, Diane Caldwell, Edna Fay and John Hedgecoth. A total of thirty were present.

Presiding chairwoman, Teri Ellenwood, expressed appreciation to the local hospitality committee from the Chattanooga Intertribal Association for the wonderful food provided for lunch and the evening meal. Appreciation also was expressed to the Chattanooga Indigenous Resource Center and Library for the interesting handouts and to Jamie Russell, Mike Serna and Panther for providing music during lunch. The local hosts then announced the door prize winners. Several beautiful outstanding door prizes were donated by generous individuals, and the winners also expressed their thanks for their gifts.

The meeting was called to order and roll was called by divisions. John Anderson gave the invocation. Minutes from the February 09, 2002 quarterly meeting were read and approved.

The Advisory Council, which had met earlier at 9:00 A.M., gave its report as follows:

  • Reports of the ten committee meetings (as outlined in the Broader Commission plan) held on March 2nd, 9th and 16th with this recommendation.Recommendation: Each region hold a caucus in July and appoint at least one member to each of the ten committees. Committees are scheduled to meet in August. Time and place to be posted on the website.
  • Motion made and passed that (top choice) commissioner-nominees serve as ex-officio members of the Advisory Council.
  • Motion made and passed that the leadership of the Advisory Council be Co-Chairpersons, tom kunesh and Teri Ellenwood.
  • Motion made and passed that Ray Emmanuel as Executive Director of the Native American Indian Association in Nashville be a part of the Advisory Council.
  • Motion made and passed that Teri Ellenwood serve as liaison to the newly-formed State Minority Affairs Council with Ray Emmanuel as assistant liaison.
  • Motion made and passed that Teri Ellenwood and Attorney Fred Standbrook draft a letter for the Advisory Council to submit to Senate/House Speakers to approve TNNAC's choice of commissioner-nominees.
  • Motion made and passed that Teri Ellenwood continue to work with the Governor's office.
  • Motion made and passed that the Public Relations Committee (Broader Commission) gather information on all Native American activities from September 09-14, 2002 in light of the fact that by law in Tennessee, September 23 is the official American Indian Day.Continuing with other business, reports were heard from the commissioner-nominees. All reported heavy lobbying for the passage of HB1617. With growing support from legislators, many of whom have agreed to sign on as co-sponsors, there is the strong possibility of the bill passing in this session.

    Motion made and passed that backup plans be deferred pending outcome of passage of the bill.

    Before adjourning, one comment was made for the quarterly meetings to go back to ́traditionsî such as smoking the pipe before every meeting. Some discussion was had surrounding the diverse traditions among the many tribal nations represented in one meeting and no consensus was taken.

    After the evening meal provided by local hosts, there was a tour of Moccasin Bend with tom kunesh as guide.

    The meeting was adjourned with prayer by John Anderson. The next quarterly meeting will be Saturday, September 14, 2002 in the Knoxville area.

    Van Lynch, Secretary

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