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List Title: Tennessee Indian Affairs
List Origin: january 1998, Chattanooga TN
List Owner: tom kunesh
List Description: Tennessee Native American/Indian Affairs: activist discussion of issues & dissemination of information relevant to Native Americans in Tennessee, for state-wide posting by Natives & non-Natives (Native blood is not required for list membership). It is not tribe-specific, there's no chatting, no genealogy, and little personal info.
Also, given a number of inquiries, be advised that this is not a Cherokee culture or Native genealogy list, nor a place to gather academic research.
TN Native American/Indian Affairs List is currently a closed list, requiring submission of this completed form and approval by the list owner. Basically, we want to know who we're talking to and who's reading our stuff, and feel good about it.
Again, this is NOT a list for genealogy or history or research.

TN-IND Email List Rules

This tn-ind (TN Indian Affairs) list was created in 1998 to focus on Native American/Indian/First Nations' issues of importance to native americans, mixedbloods and other interested persons living in Tennessee, and is moderated accordingly with attempted invisibility.
All persons are welcome to join this list provided they understand and acknowledge that the subject matter must relate to a discussion of Native American issues and their relevance or interest to folks in Tennessee.

Below are the rules of the list. List subscribers violating the rules will be first warned, secondly, have their posts rejected, and continued abuse may cause the sender to be removed from the list. These rules are posted to the list irregularly.

  1. Report problems and list requests to
    The other 100+ people on the list don't need to receive your unsubscription request or questions about posting.

  2. Keep posts on topic.
    This tn-ind list is an almost invisibly moderated list (who -really- needs a moderator?) that is focused on Native American issues in and around Tennessee, and will be moderated as such. Off-topic posts, like genealogy requests, may be deleted by the moderator. Folks who continue to send off-topic posts will be moderated. ;) Also, make sure that your Subject line reflects the content of your message.

  3. Don't Flame.
    Flames are angry and hurtful posts, usually containing ad hominem attacks on a person, not an issue. If you write a flaming msg, please hold on to it and don't post if for at least 24 hours in order to give yourself time to cool down. Then see if you still want/need to post it.

    The tn-ind ist is not a debate list and does not exist primarily as a forum for those who want to "prove" their own points or proselytize others. Disagreements are expected, and accepted, but rude and intolerant behavior is not. Specifically:

    Personal attacks, ad hominem arguments, and flames are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. It's my [the list owner's] virtual living room so penalties for violators include reprimands (private and/or public), suspension, and permanent exclusion depending on the severity of the violation and my mood.
    This means that it is acceptable to post, "I disagree with what [insert name here] said, because [insert reason here]. I believe that [insert opposing position here] because [insert reason here]."
    It is NOT acceptable, however, to say, "I disagree with what [insert name here] said, because [insert name here] is a complete and utter idiot and a communist/fascist/liberal/conservative/other bastard who should be hung, drawn, and quartered."

  4. Be Tolerant.
    It's okay to disagree, even vehemently; but it's not okay to attack other members personally. Be polite even when you're angry. If you're too angry to be polite, don't post to the list. Send private e-mail instead.

  5. Don't Advertise.
    Don't advertise your product, your service, your religion or your organization. (Yes, we know you free email folks -- like Juno and HotMail -- can't get around your emails having a Juno or HotMail footer. Since we can't find a way to delete it, we have to accept it.)

  6. Use Emoticons to show emotions in your message. :)
    Email is a very emotionless media (you can't see the sender's expression). Emoticons (facial expressions made by a certain series of keystrokes, most often producing an image of a face sideways) make it easier to gauge emotion in small samples of text; it's better to be explicit than misunderstood. Don't know what an emoticon is? check out this site:
    btw, here is also a good list of common acronyms often used on the Internet (although they didn't include one of my favorite acronyms: STFW: Search The F@#$%^&* Web)

  7. Cut! Don't Just Hit 'Reply'.
    To make it easier for all when reading the messages, cut out all of the original post except the few sentences that you are replying to. It saves us storage costs too. Make -sure- that your subject line is the actual subject you want to discuss.
    Also, please don't post one-line responses to the list. If you agree with someone and want to say "Great post", email it to the writer directly, not to the list. Don't waste bandwidth!

  8. Send Chat Via Private Email.
    Folks get enough email as it is. This list is about Native American issues that affect folks in Tennessee. If you want to talk off-topic, discuss the weather, tell your latest joke, tell someone about the latest Internet virus scare, etc., send it via private email.

  9. Clean your posts.
    People like to read clean, easy-to-read information. People don't read text that doesn't scan well. If you're forwarding material from somewhere else, please take the time to make it presentable before posting it to this list.
    Remove all unnecessary header information.
    If you continue to post difficult-to-read msgs, you will be warned.
    Also, make sure your subject line reflects the content of your message.
    For those of you who receive tn-ind msgs in digest-mode, make -sure-
    your Subject line is corrected to reflect your message content.

  10. Don't repost messages from this list to anywhere else without the author's permission.
    That's especially important if the information is personal in nature.
    Again, that's: Don't repost messages from this list without the author's permission.
    The exception is news items that are meant to be read by a wider audience.

  11. Be aware that this is a public list.
    Membership on this list is pretty much open to the general public. That means that besides the average active 10% of the list members, there are a lot of readers aka "lurkers". Some of these lurkers may be indian listeners, and some may be government researchers. Please don't post sensitive information to this list. Learn about CoIntelPro and its use against native americans.

  12. And the -= Number One Rule =- of each and -every- email list:
    Don't piss off the moderator/list owner.

    That's a cover-all fail-safe rule that applies to all situations not covered by the other rules above.

  13. Email list Software Filters
    FYI: The tn-ind list uses standard (default) email list software filters which attempt to screen out unsolicited and spam email by using their own set of basic anti-spam algorithms/rules. These are designed to protect subscribers from the most common methods of spam delivery, not to prevent subscribers from posting.

    • Messages need to have tn-ind list as the explicit destination (tn-ind address placed in the "To" or "Cc" field). If the tn-ind address is placed in the "Bcc" field, the msg will be rejected: "Blind carbon copies or other implicit destinations are not allowed. Try reposting your message by explicitly including the list address in the To: or Cc: fields."
    • Message body limit is 40kb. If it is larger, it will be rejected.
    • Message addressees limit is 10. If there are more than ten addresses in the To: and Cc: fields, your message will be rejected.
    • Non-members cannot post directly to a members-only list. Their posts will be automatically rejected: "Non-members are not allowed to post messages to this list."

      General posting filters

    • Must posts be approved by an administrator?    No
    • Restrict posting privilege to list members (member_posting_only)?    Yes
      [Your single email address is subscribed, not you as a person. If you use a second email address to sometimes post, you should let the list owner know so s/he can either enter it as an acceptable alias or subscribe the address and set that account to "nomail". Otherwise your email sent from your second address to the list will bounce as "not a subscribed member" and you might think you were unsubscribed or some other problem.]

      Spam-specific posting filters

    • Must posts have list named in destination (to, cc) field [ie, reject posts with list name in the bcc field] (or be among the acceptable alias names)?    Yes
    • Ceiling on acceptable number of recipients for a posting [maximum number of names in either "to" or "cc" field]:    10

  14. Report list problems to

    the list moderator (who tries to be invisible) is tom kunesh.
    current subscriptions: 110
    last posting: 19 march 2005
    last update: 20 march 2005